ESAB Rebel 205ic AC/DC Multiprocess Welder - 0558102553

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Mfg #: 0558102553
ESAB Rebel 205ic AC/DC Multiprocess Welder - 0558102553

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ESAB Rebel 205ic AC/DC Multiprocess Welder - 0558102553


The ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic MIG/Stick/TIG Welder is a TRUE AC/DC multi-process machine. First ever portable, all-process machine, complete with MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, DC TIG and now AC TIG capabilities which means --YES-- it TIG welds aluminum. This Rebel 205 delivers best-in-class performance in each process in the most portable, durable, go anywhere, weld anything industrial package on the market today. 

Baker's Bundle Includes:

  • Aristorod .030 11# - 1A5008460H - $40 Value
  • Aristorod .035 11# - 1A5009460H - $40 Value
  • Contact Tips .030 10/pk - VTS30 - $15 Value
  • Contact Tips .035 10/pk- VTS35 - $15 Value
  • Flush Nozzles 2pk - VNS-50F - $32 Value
  • Blue Demon TIG Rod 3/32” - ER70S609401T - $10 Value
  • Thoriated Tungsten - 3/32" - TE2T-332-10T - $20 Value
  • #1 4043 3/32" - TEP-332-10T - $19 Value
  • Weldcraft 2% Ceriated Tungsten 3/32" - WMSTE2c-332-3T - $20 Value
  • Blue Demon 36" TIG Rod Storage Tube in Black - RST-36-BLACK - $15 Value
  • 5# Pack 7018 Stick Electrodes 1/8” - 701818E5 - $18 Value
  • Anchor Stainless Steel Curved Handle Brush - 102-388-SS - $3 Value
  • Anchor MIG Welding Plier - YS-50 - $29 Value
  • MIG Gloves - JOH1075 - $13 Value
  • TIG Gloves - Revco T50 Large  - $26 Value
  • Nozzle Dip 16oz - $6 Value

Total Value of $321! You just pay: $255.

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Best-in-class performance with no compromise in any process. It runs MIG, Stick, and TIG like it was born to. It will even run 6010 electrodes on a 120 V input line. Dedicated process machines are a thing of the past. 


In the industrial world fixed or limited settings won't cut it. This machine gives you full control over the arc for unmatched performance. You get LiftTIG and high frequency start, AC wave balance (60% -90%), AC frequency (25-400Hz), pulsed (DC) (1-500 pps) and amplitude offset- the next level in AC TIG adjustment. Pre/Post Flow is adjustable. Pre Flow: 0 to 25.5 seconds and Post Flow: 0.5 to 25.5 seconds. 


Whether you have been welding for 20 years or 2 years this machine can make your job easier with ESAB's groundbreaking feature sMIG (smartMIG). There is a basic mode that makes set up simple. Then there is built-in-arc control that constantly monitors your weld and adapts for superior, repeatable welds that will truly blow your mind.

Large display screen and higher pixel density to provide a more clear view of the TFT screen than other light industrial welders; loaded with exclusive features: on-demand availability of the user's manual, listing of spare parts - all in multiple languages. Clearly displays welding amps, wire feed speed and volts.


You do not always know what your next job will be or what kind of power you will have available, so you need a machine that can go anywhere and do anything. This REBEL is packed for performance with a durable body with industrial grade protection so you can take it anywhere. This machine has the ability to work with 120 V or 230 V power or even a generator. With a three-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, Rebel's Iron Clad Pledge has you covered on and off the job site. 

Plus ESAB stands behind this machine with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is anything your not happy with machine in the first 100 days ESAB will make it right or give you your money back.

Rebel Warranty

  • Input Power: 120V/230V
  • Current Range: 5-150A (120V), 5-235A (230V)
  • Wire Diameter Capacity: .023"-.045"
  • Weight: 49lbs
  • Dimensions: 16" H x 9" W x 23" D
  • Max Plate Thickness: 3/8"
  • Generator Requirement: 3.7 kVA (110V) | 7.5 kVA (230V)
  • Warranty: 3 years on power source, 1 year on torch
  • ESAB 2015ic View Full Spec Sheet
    • Power Source
    • Tweco Fusion 180 MIG gun with 10 ft cable 
    • Tweco 200A electrode holder with 13 ft cable 
    • ESAB Heliarc HW17 TIG torch outfit with accessory kit and 12.5 ft cable 
    • Foot pedal
    • Tweco ground clamp with leads
    • Spare MIG gun parts kit, including contact tips & drive rolls
      • V Groove: 023/030, 030/035
      • Knurled: 030/035
    • Four general purpose 6013 stick electrodes
    • ESAB 70S-6 .030 4-in 2 lb sample spool
    • Victor argon flow gauge regulator with 12.5 ft gas hose
    • 120V & 230V adapter plugs
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