Holland Grill - Why Buy A Holland Grill?

People often ask, "what makes the Holland Grill different?" The difference is inside. Holland's unique, indirect cooking system gives you moist, juicy food--all without the hassle of flare-ups!

1. Holland's signature smoke stacks help pull air into the grill where it is heated and circulated much like a convection oven. They also allow enough heat to escape to maintain a constant temperature in Holland's hassle-free one-temperature setting.

2. The stainless steel cooking grid is guaranteed for the life of the grill, is easy to clean and its diamond-shaped pattern prevents small food items from falling through.

3. The rust-free aluminum drip pan catches the juices from the food where they sizzle and smoke back up on the food, giving it that distinctive Holland-Grill flavor. There's no charcoal, lava rock, ceramic tiles, etc. to clean. The drip pan slopes slightly to channel all the excess grease down a 3/4" drain pipe and away from the flame.

4. A stainless steel deflector plate spreads the flame out so that you have a relatively even heating pattern.

5. The heart of it all--Holland's cast-iron burner is guaranteed for the life of the grill. No more replacing rusted out burners every year! Now that's hassle-free.


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