Most Popular Welding Curtains & Blankets



Welding Blanket Selection Criteria

Please consider the following when choosing a welding blanket:

    1. What type of work will you be doing?

  • Light Duty-general welding, light sparks and spatter
  • Medium Duty-heavier welding applications, sparks, spatter, light slag
  • Heavy Duty-heavy sparks, spatter, slag, molten metal
  • Extreme Duty-extra heavy spatter, slag, molten metal
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  • 0 to 1000║F-non-coated fiberglass materials
  • 1000║F or more-silica and vermiculite products

    2. Is your welding application vertical or flat?

  • Vertical application materials can be lighter weight and lower melt temperatures
  • Flat application materials need to be heavier weight and higher melt temperatures

    3. Which material stiffness and thickness is appropriate?

  • Stiff Materials are coated to allow spatter and slag to roll off easier, softer materials work well for wrapping objects for stress relief
  • Thicker materials take longer to burn through

    4. Does your application involve abrasion?"

  • If so, consider stiffer, coated materials

    Other Important Information On Tillman Welding Blankets

  • All blankets have grommets on 18" centers except when noted
  • All blankets sewn with 1000║F melt temperature fiberglass thread (except 599-leather, which uses Kevlar«)
  • Borders are hemmed for extra durability (except 599-leather)
  • Actual finished size may vary 3" in height and width

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