Winter Welding: Warm Your Wallets

We here at Baker’s Gas always have a decent selection of welding (and non-welding) items to ease your wallet and please your budget. Before you freeze off those welding scars, check out some of our winter-appropriate deals:

Heat Through Machines

Who can survive winter without some source of heat? This is where the Mr. Heater – Big Buddy Portable
plays Superman. It’s impossible to turn down features such as the ability to work indoors and outdoors, a shutoff system for fume safety and “accidental tip-over,” and CSA certification. Even more, this baby chucks up heat for up to 400 square feet! At the cozy price of $139.99, the Mr. Heater – Big Buddy Portable Heater is a low cost, high warmth solution to winter’s frost.

Warmth From The Stomach Out

After a long day welding in Tillman’s finest (see below), then finally defrosting with Mr. Heater, it’s time for
a trip to Holland. Not literally! The Holland Companion Portable ELECTRIC Grill, No Flare-up BBQ Grill is the perfect solution for a grouchy stomach and thawing body. “Nothin Else Stacks Up” to:

  • A five-year warranty
  • Pure, stainless steel body
  • Guaranteed flare-up prevention
  • A drip pan that actually catches the drip, so zero chance of scorched steak
  • Simple directions – plug in, turn on, grill away
  • and many, many, more features for $239. Did I mention five-year warranty?

Welding Warmth You Can Wear

If your body needs more than a heater to stay warm while welding, invest (and I use this word liberally)
some funds in the Tillman 9230 30″ Blue Welding Jacket with Leather Sleeves. The effective combo of a cotton body with leather sleeves would warm any welder, even the least weather-bothered of them. This jacket is customized with “specially tanned split leather” and 100% cotton to provide deep warmth at $29.99. You can purchase this jacket in a range of sizes- from small to 5X.

Thaw Off Those Paws

Tillman is on a roll in the “winter-wear” department. They offer many different types of gloves to keep the most important welding tools from freezing:

Tillman 1485 TrueFit Performance Insulated Winter Work Gloves (Pigskin)

TrueFit indeed! These gloves protect your hands from abrasion, are snugly yet comfortably shaped to
fit your hands, and they keep them warm. Not to mention, all of that is accomplished with top quality grain pigskin and without the bulkiness that you get from other gloves. You only cough out $10.25, which is less than one movie and soda; plus, the benefits last longer than 1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Tillman 1495 TrueFit Ultra Performance Insulated Winter Work Gloves (Goatskin)

Ultra performance. . . You can enjoy the rewards of the above gloves (substitute the pigskin for goatskin) plus the following extras:


  • Increased padding in the palm – allows longer wear through better comfort
  • Thumb reinforcement – provides stronger protection for a much abused area
  • Longer cuff – protects and supports your hands and wrists
  • + MORE for under $13!

How do you keep yourself warm during the season of chapped lips? And if anyone has a recipe for steak, let me know in the comments below!

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