Top 5 Books That Should be in Your Welding Reference Library

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To be successful in any profession you need to stay on top of all the changes, advancements and trends in your field of expertise. To remain current and effective in your industry you must always be learning, striving to grow and adding to your knowledge base. This holds true for CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even welders.

Staying on Top of Your Profession

One of the best ways to sustain your pursuit of new and cutting-edge welding knowledge is reading up on the important books and trade journals relevant to the welding trade. Any successful welder should have their own well-rounded welding reference library.

Expanding Your Knowledge Base

Another important reason you need to maintain a well-rounded reference library, a reason that applies to all of the professions outlined at the beginning of this post, is to address special or unique jobs or projects which require specific knowledge, beyond the realm of your current expertise.

Building Your Reference Library

Toward the end result of developing your own well-rounded welding reference library, the following list outlines the top 5 welding reference books you should have in your own personal library:

Compiled with input from multiple authors, in addition to offering outstanding general welding knowledge, it also incorporates literally tons of fun, challenging, and practical welding projects ideas.

Heralded as the ultimate welding reference book (as evidenced by the fact that it’s been updated and reissued seven times), this is an absolute must for welders of all skill levels and disciples.

Think of all those times you’ve been in the field or on a remote job site and you needed a little insight into a particular welding project you were unfamiliar with. Wouldn’t it be great if you had some kind of quick reference guide? Well the Audel Welding Pocket Reference covers all of your in the field reference needs. An excellent quick reference guide for welders of all levels, just slip this little gem into your tool box, and wherever are, you’ll never be without the guidance you need again.

Written in an easy to grasp style and packed with helpful illustrations, this informative text makes an excellent companion for everyone from beginning to more advanced welders. With basic introductory material on general welding theories and basic welding processes, to more advanced metallurgy and electrical concepts, this board based reference book also includes details on welding inspections and American Welding Society (AWS) certifications.

If you want to become a “professional welder,” or advance your home project welding skills, you’re eventually going to have to learn you’re way around the welding schematics that illustrate many construction, manufacturing, and fabrication welding projects, commonly known as welding prints. Printreading for Welders offers a comprehensive overview of all the how, what, and why you need to know in order to read and understand welding prints, including understanding American Welding Society (AWS) welding symbols. Overall, an excellent reference book for any welder seeking to expand their print reading knowledge base.

For additional reference welding material, Weld My World (sponsored by Bakers Gas and Welding Supply) has some excellent recommendations for welding reference books you should add to your welding library. You should check out Three Books That Should be on Your Welding Reading List, and Welding Reading Lists – Back to Basics.

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    Awesome information, the library in my town has a bunch of outdated welding learning material and this information will definitely bring me up to speed since I’m still going through trade school. Thanks for the posting!

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    I would like to get started on making my library soon as possible

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      My library in licking mo does not have any books on welding I wish they did

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    Is there a welders reference handbook by an author last name Bowman

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    sir i want a basic welding theory book in simple language

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    I read a book named welding for dummies by Steven Robert Farnsworth ,This is a very comprehensive book about welding.i will collect your suggested books too,thanks for this informative article

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