Weekly Roundup–News in the Welding World

This week we have top of the line welders on sale, an exploding job market
for welders, and a new innovation in welding that could make a huge difference
in the automobile industry.

Gm-welding-aluminumImage Source: USA TODAY

Special Welding News

Welding Shop Earns Movie Deal…
Well, it’s not quite a movie deal, but when
the producers of the latest Fast and Furious movie needed someone to weld man
hole covers, they signed on Fabweld Steel Products for the job.

Welding Industry

Multimatic 200 Offers a Compact Design
: Reviewers at  Modern Machine Shop
are taking note of the versatility, weight, and other features that make
Miller’s Multimatic a game changer for welding machines. Pick up the Multimatic 200 today
on sale at Baker’s Gas and welding.

Claims Welding Breakthrough Will Make Vehicles Lighter
: A new spot welding
technique is at the center of GM’s ability to move toward using aluminum in cars
in order to make them lighter and to give them better gas mileage. The Detroit
Free Press reports, “Blair Carlson, GM’s lab group manager for lightweight
material processing, said researchers at the company’s technical center in
Warren had developed a spot welding technology that uses a special electrode to
help two pieces of aluminum clamp together.”

Welding Education

Welding Course in Marietta, OH
: The Marrietta Times reports, “Pioneer Group
this month began a pre-apprenticeship program in partnership with the Washington
County Career Center, in which half a dozen students are spending part of their
day in the welding lab at Pioneer's Westview Avenue facility.”

Community College in Columbus, NE Plans to Add New Welding Wing:
to the Columbus Telegram, “Besides increasing the enrollment capacity… the
expansion will allow the college to address some safety concerns and add a
separate, cleaner lab for robotic welding. The new welding technology area will
also include more welding booths, classrooms, a tool room, restrooms, locker
rooms and changing areas.”

Manufacturers Are Moving Welding
Training Into the Factory
: CNBC Reports, “Two factors lie behind this return
to in-house training: a quiet renaissance in some niches of America's Rust Belt
and a shortage of highly skilled blue-collar workers. For some US
, business is booming and schools can't
provide enough skilled workers. The shortfall provides a rare opportunity in
this economy for good-paying jobs and the potential for secure employment.”

Welding Jobs

Jobs Slow but Continue to Grow in Houston, TX:
 Energy Industry blog FuelFix
notes that welding jobs in the energy sector continue to expand, even if the
rate has dipped due to fuel pricing changes: “’The Houston area is coming off 18
months of double-digit, year-over-year growth in exploration and production
employment,’ said Barton Smith, professor emeritus of economics at the
University of Houston. ‘Instead of adding jobs at the rate of 10 to 12 percent a
year, Houston-area energy employers will likely be creating positions at the
annual rate of 5 to 6 percent,’ said Smith.”

Product Manufacturer Adds 85 Jobs in South Carolina
: As the welding industry
continues to adapt to new technology and to expand production, Watson
Engineering is stepping up their production of welding machines and parts.

Work Boot's Skills Gap Infographic: Not sure about the need for manufacturing jobs such as welding? Check out this fantastic infographic about the gap between jobs available and workers able to fill those positions.

Welding Events

Tech, Nov 12-14 in Las Vegas:
This premier welding industry event is
planning to expand its welding education program during an event that is
expected to attract 25,000+ manufacturers to view 1,100 exhibits covering
400,000+ net ft² of floor space.

Welding Gone Wrong

Welding Causes Fire at Glenview Hotel
: According to the local newspaper,
welders working outside created sparks that fell to the shrubbery below and
ignited a fire that spread to the hotel building. 

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