How to Pick the Right Holland Grill for Your Cookout

The Summer season may be wrapping up, but grilling season is never over. The Holland Grills on sale at Baker’s Gas and welding cover a wide range of price points and offer a variety of features. Whether you opt for the basic Liberty grill or the top of the line Pinnacle grill, you’re making a worthwhile investment that will pay off for years to come and offer significant value.

Here’s a roundup of the excellent Holland Grills on sale for marked down prices at Baker’s right now:

Why Choose a Holland Grill for Your Next Cookout?

When you purchase a Holland Grill, you don’t just get a hassle-free cooking process with an easily maintained temperature. You also get a stainless steel cooking grid, a rust-free aluminum drip pan, and a cast-iron burner that is guaranteed for life, making the Holland Grill low maintenance, dependable, and rugged for every grilled meal.

Holland Grills are separate the flame from the food with an expert designed cooking surface that shields the food from flare ups on the drip pan while also regulating the temperature perfectly when the lid is closed. All full-size Holland Grills even come with an exclusive No Flare Up warranty in addition to warranties on key parts.

The Advantages of Each Holland Grill

The Pinnacle, No Flare-Up Bbq Grill is the largest grill offered at Baker’s Gas and Welding. This 726 square inch cooking surface can hold up to 8 large whole chickens. This is an ideal size for larger grilling events.

The Epic Backyard Grill, No Flare-Up Bbq Grill is a more reasonable size for the typical family cookout, while offering plenty of space to cook for a large crowd. It’s capable of holding up to 4 whole chickens on its cooking surface: 24.5″ wide X 16.5″ deep and cooks with 19,000 BTU’s.

The Independence Backyard Grill, No Flare-Up Bbq Grill is the standard sized grill that cooks with 14,000 BTU’s on it’s 24.5″ wide X 16.5″ deep cooking surface.

The Liberty, No Flare-Up Bbq Grill offers a lightweight, easily-moved grill that is solid and sturdy, offering the same cooking surface size as the Epic and Independence models.

Compare each Holland Grill at Baker’s Gas and Welding

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What is the Warranty on a Holland Grill?

Provided you take care of your grill and pay for the shipping, Holland Grill will replace your stainless cooking grid and cast-iron burner for free for the lifetime of your grill. If the grill itself is neglected and begins to rust, it will not be replaced for the lifetime of the grill.

However, for most of the larger grills, there is a 5-year rust-through warranty and 1 year limited parts warranty that covers the rest of the grill’s parts.

Holland Grill vs. Competition

When it’s time to fire up the grill, there are three common complaints: rust issues, uneven heat, and flare ups. Drips from hamburgers can result in significant flames shooting up and scorching your dinner. If you’re not dealing with drips and flames, then it’s likely that you’re dealing with uneven heat or the headache of elements falling off due to rust.

The unique design and cooking style of each Holland Grill ensures that your heating will be efficient, while the parts will last longer and minimize rust over time if properly cared for.

Holland Grill was designed 20 years ago in North Carolina by welder Brad Holland who spent 12 years perfecting his grill design. This care and attention alone makes Holland Grill stand out.

Learn more about what makes a Holland Grill unique

Save on a Holland Grill Today

Now is the time to take advantage of the discounts on Holland Grills at Baker’s Gas and Welding. For a limited time you can also take $25 OFF any Holland Grill (valued at over $500) with Promo Code: GRILL25. Also you can get 50% OFF a 30oz YETI travel mug and 50% OFF Holland Grill signature seasoning with your purchase. If you want a durable, reliable grill that is guaranteed to cook your meal perfectly, check out the Holland Grills today.

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    Is there anywhere where I could find recipes to cook on the grill?

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      Hi Cory, Yes! Holland has a cookbook that you can purchase here:

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