A Limited Time Offer to Save on Holland Grills and Grilling Supplies

Summer is almost here, and that means grilling out back with friends and family–unless your grill is rusting out and you can’t find replacement parts… then your sizzling plans may burn out. Flare-ups can scorch your food and time-consuming repairs could ruin your dinner plans and even cause safety concerns. That’s why the current Holland Grill promotion at Baker’s Gas and Welding is such good news for your summer events.

Holland Grills are heavy duty, stainless steel, flare-resistant, and evenly heated for the best cookout or BBQ. A Holland Grill is a lifelong investment since it’s designed to never rust and is crafted with the most durable components found on a grill. Here’s a roundup of the Holland Grills on sale for big discounts and additional $25 savings with the promo code: GRILL25, as well as a special accessory offer:

holland grill

The Holland Elite Grill.

Holland Grill NEW! Liberty, No Flare-Up BBQ Grill

While the Liberty is the smallest among the Holland Grill line, it still offers the sturdy, durable parts you’ll find in the other models while improving on “The Tradition” model. You can roll the Liberty grill around easily with its two large wheels and four legs.

The cast iron burner has a lifetime warranty and the powder coated aluminum bottom shell ensures a long life. The nuts, bolts, and deflector plate are long-lasting stainless steel. You’ll also find an aluminum sizzle tray and a wood chip tray for smoking.

While the food you grill to perfection on your Liberty won’t last long on your table, you can rest assured that this grill is one investment that you can bank on.

Learn more about the Holland Liberty Grill

Holland Grill Independence Backyard No Flare-Up BBQ Grill

The Independence grill by Holland offers a 15-year limited warranty in addition to its heavy-duty cast iron burner that is guaranteed for life. You’ll be able to grill four whole chickens on the stainless steel grid that is rust free and you’ll have the added bonus of NuStone side shelves approved for direct food contact.

The bulk of the grill’s parts are made from durable stainless steel, such as the flame deflector, grill body wrappers, side shelf brackets and support pillar. Cast-aluminum body end panels are powder-coated black, while the exclusive, patented Holland System drip plan helps you max out your flavor while extinguishing any flare-ups.

Learn more about the Independence Grill

Holland Freedom Backyard Grill, No Flare-Up BBQ Grill

Enjoy all of the benefits of the Independence grill model along with heavy duty aluminum wheels and a convenient utensil holder. You’ll have the versatility of a smoke drawer or a steamer with a few simple modifications. New heavy-duty casters added to the life span of this grill, while a thermometer mounted on the lid adds to its convenient features.

Learn more about the Freedom Grill

Holland Grill Epic Backyard Grill, No Flare-Up Bbq Grill

Easily adjusted and consistent cooking temperatures as well as a large cooking capacity for up to four whole chickens, the Epic grill keeps all of the same features from the other Holland models while also adding the size you need for an epic party. With components made of cast iron, cast-aluminum, and stainless steel, you’ll have the peace of mind offered by a durable grill and a 5-year warranty.

Learn more about the Epic Backyard Grill

Holland Grill Apex Backyard Grill, No Flare-Up Bbq Grill

The Apex grill has many identical components, cooking surfaces, and features as the Epic model, but it offers the added bonus of a 15-year limited warranty.

Learn more about the Apex Backyard Grill

Holland Grill SL Elite No Flare-Up Grill

Stainless steel from top to bottom, the SL Elite takes backyard grilling to a whole new level of expertise, durability, and quality. Backed up by a 15-year limited warranty, you’ll have the same evenly distributed convection oven style of cooking, no flare-ups, and a lifetime warranty on the burner.

Learn more about the Elite No Flare-Up Grill

What You Need to Grill

Save $28 on an essential grilling accessory kit: The Holland Grill Master Bundle offers $128 worth of grilling gear for $100. You’ll get a grill cover, grill scraper, chicken/chop seasoning, steak seasoning, grill brush, and digital thermometer in the kit. Just select the bundle in the drop down menu when you make your grill purchase at Baker’s Gas and Welding.  

Ask Holland Grill Customers…

Don’t believe us? Drop by the Holland Grill Facebook page to ask what grill owners think. We’ve heard from quite a few customers that they won’t ever purchase another grill. Holland calls it the “Grill you put in your will” for a reason!

Learn More about Holland Grills

If the selection of grills at your local home improvement store has you feeling down or you’re trying to piece together the rusted components of your old grill, stop by Baker’s Gas and Welding. We only carry the best grilling products around, so whatever model you choose is guaranteed to be durable and high quality, with free shipping on most orders to boot. The limited time promo code: GRILL25 is exclusive to Holland Grills on sale at Baker’s.

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  1. Wilf Sukowski says:

    We currently have a Classic2 BH421SG3 Holland Grill in a natural gas configuration, and the gas shut off value is getting worn and sticking, and basically unsafe to use. The rest of the BBQ looks like it did when we bought it 18 years ago. Great BBQ. Do you have replacement shut off valves? I also saw on your website that you still have Holland Grills in stock. What models do you have that are similar to the Classic 2 we currently have and do you ship to Ontario?

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