Last Chance to Buy a Holland Grill or Grilling Accessories

Holland Grill has developed a loyal customer following over the years, with thousands joining grilling and enthusiast groups on Facebook to share grilling tips. You can find ideas that include how to max out a grill to 500 degrees, and to discuss maintenance ideas. However, Holland Grill unexpectedly filed bankruptcy, closing its doors and ceasing all new orders for grills and accessories, leaving customers in a bind. 

holland grill

The Holland Elite Grill.

While the Holland Grill website is down and products are not available from the company, here are some suggestions for Holland Grill customers hoping to stock up on spare parts or to grab a new grill while supplies last.

Limited Availability for Holland Grills and Accessories

While new Holland Grills aren’t available on the Baker’s Gas and Welding online store, Holland Grill owners looking for spare parts, accessories, and seasoning packages can still find some products on the Baker’s Gas and Welding website. 

In addition, many of the Baker’s Gas and Welding locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana still have specific accessories and complete grills on hand. Customers willing to make the trip to a location can pick up a fully assembled grill, since they are not available to be shipped right now. 

Go the Extra Mile in Caring for Your Grill

If you don’t have a cover, grill brush, and a maintenance plan for your Holland Grill, now is the time to go the extra mile for grill maintenance. The Holland Grill line is designed to last a lifetime, and while there remain a lot of question marks about the company, such as whether a savvy investor will take over the company and lead a comeback, the grills themselves should be durable and long-lasting. 

Baker’s has you covered with extensive grill care instructions that cover top to bottom maintenance. To start with the basics, it’s easiest to clean the grill when it’s a little warm. Using a putty knife or scraper, remove any charred debris from the cooking grid and then clean out the drip pan. You may occasionally need to clean out the drain pipe as well. Most importantly, if the burner has a “lazy yellow” flame or isn’t heating your food properly, you may need to clean it out or vacuum around it with a shop vac. 

What Is Next for Holland Grill? 

While there is very little information available about what happened to Holland Grill or why the company filed for bankruptcy, the company has a history that covers over 30 years, creating durable grills that evenly heat food and make it a breeze to smoke meat. 

The no-flare-up design and durability played key parts in winning over a dedicated following of customers. Baker’s Gas and Welding is committed to keeping customers stocked with the replacement parts and accessories on hand for as long as possible. 

If there are any changes or updates with the Holland Grill company or a similar grill that comes onto the market, follow Baker’s on social media (facebook or Twitter) for updates. 

Get Holland Grill Accessories at Baker’s

There’s a limited stock of Holland Grill accessories and supplies on hand at Baker’s Gas and Welding, so there’s no better time to stop by and to stock up. Baker’s also has some of the most popular seasoning packets and bottles available here. You can always contact customer support for help with your order, especially if you want to drive to a location for a pre-assembled grill. 

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