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Holiday Gift Guide For Welders (Part 2)

How many days are left until Christmas? Start counting down from 9. Yeah. We’re almost at that “run-to-CVS-and-grab-anything-that-looks-like-I-put-any-actual-thought-into-this-gift” point in the holiday season. Don’t be that guy or girl. Check out the rest of the “Holiday Gift Guide For Welders” and get the welder in

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Holiday Gift Guide for Welders (Part 1)

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or any other holiday, gift giving can become a hassle. So I’ve put together a gift guide for welding enthusiasts. This guide has gifts that are fun, useful, and can be used throughout the year. If you have any

Miller Wireless Foot and Hand Controls, WeldX Welding Apparel

Check out these exciting technologies in welding accessories and welding apparel from Miller Electric… Miller Wireless Foot and Hand Controls New Wireless Foot and Hand Controls allow for increased productivity and improved shop safety. They eliminate costly and time consuming cord failures. Extends welding range

Free Shipping on the New Hypertherm Powermax 65 and 85

Announcing the new Hypertherm Powermax 65 and 85 (Free Shipping). With increased productivity, better reliability, and easier to use, the Powermax 65 and 85 is a smart choice. Learn more below, or go right to the website to check it out. Features and Benefits of

Baker’s Bargain: Summer Savings Promotion

If you’ve been eyeing that Elite Series Helmet or the Bobcat 250 for a while, now is the time to take the plunge! Baker’s Gas is promoting the Miller Summer Savings sale, where they are offering cash back for product bundles. Cash back ranges from

Baker’s Bargains: Lincoln AC 225

Stick welding, or manual metal arc welding, is perhaps the favored welding practice world wide.  In terms of repairs, maintenance, steel construction, and also industrial fabrication a stick welder is often the go to of choice due to its high level of versatility.  Stick welders

Baker’s Bargains: Welding Relief For The Holidays

Welcome December! What a glorious end to another year and the Thanksgiving season, though I feel like some matter was overlooked. Through the Black Friday rush and Cyber Monday clicks there were some notable bargains missed. Yeah, that’s it. Where were all the welding deals?