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Why Welders Are Purging Pipes and Tubes Before Welding

Creating a strong, long-lasting weld requires a clean joint on your metal workpiece. When it comes to TIG welding uniquely shaped materials or pipe welding jobs, purging the metal of oxygen with an inert gas can keep the weld fully protected from oxidation that could

How to Choose A Shielding Gas for TIG Welding

You can’t cut corners in TIG welding–or at least you shouldn’t if you want to get repeat business or you want your welds to look good. While it seems like the standard plan for TIG welding is to always go with Argon as your shielding

plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Tips to Drastically Improve Your Cut

The following post was written by Edan Barak of If you have interest in plasma cutting, he’s written a comprehensive guide and comparison chart which you can find here. While plasma cutting might seem simple enough when you’re just getting started, experience shows us that

Save Your Torch, Time, and Business with Genuine Consumables

Shopping for welding and cutting products online can lead to some tremendous deals and discounts on products that can be quite costly at full retail price. However, with the advantages of online shopping come the risks of manufacturers who sell cheap knock offs and defective

TIG Welding for Beginners and Skeptics

TIG welding requires more time, practice, and preparation than any other welding method, but whether you’re used to the hefty stick welding electrodes or the wire feeders of MIG welders, there are some great reasons to learn more about TIG welding. For starters, TIG welding

Comparing 3 Bestselling Welding Helmets from Lincoln, Miller, and Speedglas

The best welding helmets on the market aren’t always the most expensive. In fact, some of the bestselling welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding are extremely affordable, comfortable, and highly effective. Professional welders and beginners alike will be extremely pleased with any of the

The Benefits of Buying Welders and Welding Gear from Distributors

When researching the best welder, welding helmet, or welding supplies for your next project, you may check out the websites of manufacturers to watch a few demonstration videos, to read the specs, and to see if there are any new products in the pipeline. While

How to Connect CNC Cutting Tables with a Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting operations can become precise, efficient, and effective by using a CNC cutting table along with most standard plasma cutters. Customers at Baker’s Gas and Welding frequently purchase plasma cutters, especially the Hypertherm Powermax 45, 65, and 85, but then the next question for