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Set Up the Ultimate Welding Shop

A welding shop at home is often a lot more than a place to work on projects. It’s where you keep a grill, enjoy a drink, store safety gear, and sort out all of your yard equipment and tools. When it’s time to set up

Welding Supplies for a Professional Welding Shop

Professional welding takes a lot of practice and skill, but it also helps to use top of the line tools and materials that will make your work all that much easier and precise. Professional welding is all about efficiently creating top notch welds, and if

Tips for a Successful Mobile Welding Business

Welders are in demand from both commercial and residential clients. A mobile welding business requires little more than welding equipment, a van or truck, and insurance. Bonus points if you’re certified through an accredited school. Apply for your welder’s license and take the exam. (View

Social Media is a Power Tool for Welders

Welders will be the first to inform you that the more powerful a tool is the greater the risks are. The same holds true for social media. While you can reap great rewards when you properly harness the power of the world wide web, there

What’s in a Name? How to Name Your Welding Company

The direction of your business may change, the amount of money you make may change, but your business name will remain constant. Get it right, the first time. As you build your brand online and off, your business name will soon be more than just

5 Tax Tips for Freelance Self-Employed Welders

With tax time nearly upon us, as the April 15 deadline quickly approaches, that familiar old saying comes to mind: “The only certainties in life are death and taxes,” and that’s certainly no April Fools! No matter which “side of the aisle” you fall on

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Tips for Starting a Welding Contractor Business

If you’re an experienced welder who has become frustrated with working for others, maybe it’s time you considered starting your own contracting business.  Owning your own welding contractor business can be rewarding and lucrative; welding is a highly sought after skill and is always in

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Taxes for Welders

It's the beginning of a new year. If you haven't yet started gathering your 2011 tax information, you better get started! Whether an independent, freelance, or contract welder you may be able to claim tax deductions for items related to your source of income. Those

Insurance for Welders

If you work for yourself as a freelancer or independent contractor you need insurance. Your agent will ask the right questions to help you find the level of coverage that you’ll need, but consider if you want mobile welder insurance, general welding insurance, and/or basic