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5 Persistent Myths About Welding

In one form or another welders have had to deal with some pretty interesting attitudes towards the welding profession. Some people think welding is a low-paying job. Others think there isn’t much diversity to being a welder. Even more interesting for women welders is this

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Electroslag Welding: Friend or Foe?

Almost all welders are familiar with the concept of electroslag welding, and with good reason, but we will discuss that in a bit. First of all, let's talk about the idea behind electroslag welding: The Concept  For thick materials, electroslag welding is perfect. This process

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Welding Fact or Fiction

#1 – Welding is a modern technique, fact or fiction? Fiction: Archaeologists have found welded items from as early as 1000 BC when Egyptians welded iron together. Modern welding processes were developed in 1881 when Russian inventor, Benardos invented the electrode welding process. This was