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Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Some may call the welding class at Owens Community College organized chaos. Some may not even call it a class. Whatever you call it, a bunch of welders are creating some of the most unique art work around. Jim Gilmore of Owens shares the following

Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Is it possible to learn how to weld on a high rise without climbing scaffolding or taking an elevator to the top? In this week’s welding round up, some students are taking their welding to another level without having to leave the shop. Welding Simulator

Welding Awards

We all like to be recognized for a job well done. Here you'll find some of the industry's most well-known welding awards and a recent student award. 10th Annual Image of Welding Awards "The Image of Welding awards are issued in eight categories. The awards

National Welding Month [VIDEO]

The national PR campaign for welding has begun; now’s the time to pitch in. April Is National Welding Month from American Welding Society on Vimeo. April is National Welding Month and in order to bring awareness about the welding profession, the local sections of the

Welding Events in April

After the excitement of March Madness, let welding sparks light up the month of April. Massachusetts residents are in luck; three out of the four welding events below take place around Bean Town. Enjoy! I didn’t include events that already took place or are no

New and Updated Welding Apps for Your Phone or Tablet

If you’re like me, you spend a considerable (sometimes obscene) amount of time looking for new apps. Let me ease the welding app search for you just a bit. Below are a few of the newest and newly updated apps out there in the Android

"…we need a national PR campaign for skilled labor."

A few months ago in Atlanta I ran into Tom Vilsack, our Secretary of Agriculture. Tom told me about a governor he knows who was unable to move forward on the construction of a new power plant. The reason, I thought, was fascinating: it wasn’t

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Speedglas Is Our Featured Vendor For February

If you are a frequent visitor to our website (, you know that we regularly have featured vendors and this month our featured vendor is Speedglas.  During the month of February we will be offering special savings on Speedglas items that are already on sale. 

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Architectural Blacksmiths

What is Architectural Blacksmithing? Custom designed iron works that serve architectural purposes can be forged by architectural blacksmiths. Many of the same techniques and tools used hundreds of years ago are still employed today. Pieces that would fit the category of architectural blacksmithing would include