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Gone Fishing? Well, get to welding first!

Let's be honest, you weld because you love it (or at least because you're good enough at it to make enough money to keep putting that food on the table!) but wouldn't it be great if what you were welding could be put to use

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Welding Projects: Mastering the Art of Metal Sculpture

My dad hated his job but he loved his profession and his unique talent that made him good at what he did. Perhaps you feel the same way – perhaps you hate your boss and/or coworkers, your working hours, your environment or your commute. But,

Welding Projects: Let Your Hobby Take Flight

In following up with the idea that there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to welding applications, the hobbyist will no doubt be putting on their own thinking cap in regards to their next welding project.  For those of you interested in making models

Oh The Possibilities: Many Welding Projects

There are many different ways to put your welding skills to good use.  There are of course plenty of welding job opportunities to make a career out of welding, but there are also many other ways to utilize your welding techniques and practices to supply