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Build Your Welding Library: The Latest Welding Book Releases

Just as welders have to update their skills to stay fresh and ahead of the competition, welding libraries should always be stocked with the latest welding books out on the market. Check out what has been updated, newly released, and some welding books that are

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Welding Books for Automotive Welding

Welding is one of those skills that can have countless practical applications. That, plus a little bit of do-it-yourself spirit, can lead to all sorts of problem-solving abilities that you can put to use in your own home or shop.  Odds are that if you’re

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AWS Welding Handbooks

Are you a welding inspector? Are you currently in class studying to be a welder? Are you a welding teacher? Then you might want to consider investing in the American Welding Society (AWS) welding handbooks. No matter how long you have been a welder, or

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Three Books that should be on your Welding Reading List

Are these three books in your library? They should be. “Welding Secrets” With a tagline “No other book will prevent more accidents,” we were intrigued. This book is different because it tells you where NOT to weld. The author, a welder with 49 years of

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Welding Instructional Books

There are a number of instructional books that cover a wide range of welding topics.  A good welding book can be a priceless reference manual for you to keep in your shop or office.  Here is some information about a few of the more popular

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A Good Source of Welding Projects – Artisan Welding Projects

I have had the good fortune to come across a book of projects that can be constructed with welding tools.  I will outline one of them in this article but the rest can be found in the book "Artisan Welding Projects, 25 Decorative Projects for

Welding Projects Books for Hobby Welders

A good welding projects books is tricky to find. There are several welding project books out there that are not as helpful as they claim. First off, when I look for welding information, the first place I look is to manufacturers. Manufacturer’s websites are a reliable source of welding

Hot Off The Press! Welding For DUMMIES

 This book is so hot it hasn’t even been released yet! The ever-popular “…. For Dummies” book series – which has covered nearly every topic from Chihuahuas to computer hacking – is at it again, and this time the spotlight is on welding. Welding For

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Welding Reading List: Back to Basics

Welding books that deal with the basics of the trade are always useful for new welders as well as veterans looking to refresh their memory in a few core welding principles. The books below are written with beginners in mind, so complex issues are covered