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Welding Reading List: Welding Math and Blueprints

Yeah, I know. Summer’s just about up, but let’s enjoy what’s left of it while we can. Wind down this summer and improve your welding knowledge with one stone: The Welding Reading List.This week you’ll learn how to read blueprints and get a grip on

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Welding Reading List : Welding Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Encyclopedias are packed with information that you may or may not need to to know, but it’s always good to know that information is there and readily available. Welding encyclopedias are just the same in that manner. Read up on the history of welding, learn

Welding Reading List: The Top 3 Welding Art Books

Because rookie and veteran welders all need a refresher every once in the while, we’ve decided to introduce the Welding Reading List. Each list will feature at least three welding books that are highly recommended by various welders. We’ll cover welding art, welding basics, welding