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MIG Welding Transfer Types

Introduction Part of what makes MIG welding what it is, is the transfer of metal, via heat, from the electrode (or welding wire) to the base metal(s) being welded. There are four different transfer types available to MIG welders, and each has its benefits, uses,

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Successful Brazing – 7 Steps

The term brazing often leaves beginner welders curious and a little put off. After all, it's a strange sounding word that means something much simpler than you would think. Brazing is simply a metal joining process. Filler metal is heated above and then distributed by

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Electricity for Welding

All forms of arc welding use electric current to generate the intense levels of heat necessary to weld metals together. You don’t need to be an electrician to understand the process, but the greater your knowledge, the safer and better off your welding will be.

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Tips for Improving Stick Welding

Stick welding is technically called Shielded Metal Arc Welding. It's a very good skill to have, and one that is in high demand in many places. There are many tips out there for improving your skills with stick welding, but there are some basic tips

Dirty Welds: Consequences & Prevention

In the course of action through your career as a welder, you will frequently find yourself in situations that require you to weld metals that are in less than pristine condition, having sustained a fair amount of wear-and-tear through many years of use. The result

MIG Welding Applications

As a replacement for the archaic stick welding method, MIG welding is without a doubt one of the most efficient welding forms in the industry, and it happens to be an acronym for Metal Inert Gas. The arc is struck between the tip of the

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How to Properly Store Your Welding Equipment

Storing your welding tools and equipment is very important in maintaining their functionality and prolonging the life of your gear.  With proper storage your tanks and other welding gear will be out of harm’s way and out of the reach of anyone who is curious

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Post-Weld Cleanup The Right Way

I figured “Practice Clean and Proper Post-Weld Procedure” would be too annoying to read, say, and think about. Moving on. . . By now, many of you are on the final stage of whatever welding project you’ve been slaving over for the holidays. Just as

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Tips for Welding Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the hardest metals to weld due to it being such a thin and flexible metal.  There are many experienced welders who have difficulty working with this metal. With automobiles being comprised of more and more aluminum based components, many TIG welders

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Welding Cast Iron – Overview of Cast Iron Grades

There are many different metals used in welding, however, we are going to be focusing on cast iron and its many uses.  Cast iron is a very versatile metal that is used in thousands of products today.  Its popularity rises from the strength that it