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The Best Prices on the Latest Welding Safety Gear

If you’re looking to gear up with the latest, top of the line welding safety gear, there is no time like the current promotions and sales at Baker’s Gas and Welding. Here’s a brief look at the new welding helmet offers from Miller and the

Improve the Safety of Your Welding Shop

Every month we compile a roundup of welding stories in the news, and every month we find several reports of welding accidents, fires, and injuries. Some weeks there are more than we can include, and we don’t doubt that plenty of incidents go unreported. That’s

Welding Fume Safety with Respirators

Welding safety involves more than a helmet, gloves, and flame resistant clothing. The fumes produced while welding can be extremely harmful after continuous exposure. While good ventilation and a fume extraction system can help, several practices and products can guard your health and productivity, keeping

Miller Electric Offers Fully Updated Line of Welding Gloves

Miller Electric has released a new line of Arc Armor welding gloves that provide unmatched comfort and protection for both professional and hobby welders. Welders who use MIG, TIG, or stick welders will find gloves that are specially designed for each welding process, with each

Women in Welding Spark New Arc Armor Welding Gear

There’s no mistaking that women are driving some big shifts in the welding industry. From joining welding classes at high schools and community colleges to working as welding instructors to striking arcs on job sites all over North America, there’s a huge demand for welders

Miller Helmet

Welding Helmet Technologies Improve Safety and Comfort

Today’s guest post about welding helmets is by Nick Peterson, Welding Engineer/Curriculum Developer, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Keeping welders protected and comfortable results in a safer and more productive work environment. That’s why equipment manufacturers are designing products to keep welders safe, while also enhancing

Safely Setting Up a Welding Machine for New Welders

During the holiday season there will be many welders picking up new welding machines and welding supplies for their shops and home welding projects, but if you’re new to welding, you need to spend some time making sure your welder is safe to use. Properly

How to Prevent Heat Stress While Welding

Today’s guest post is by Bill Gardner of Miller Electric: With summer approaching, heat is on the rise. As a welder, intense heat can be irritating, but the effects of heat stress can also greatly impact productivity, the ability to concentrate, quality of work, and

Welding Safety Isn’t Rocket Science

Welding safety isn’t too hard to figure out, but it does require some planning and an investment in the right safety gear. Welders work in a variety of positions and locations, so be sure to review these safety steps to stay safe while welding: A

Welding Jackets: Miller’s Latest in Welder Protection

Today’s guest post about welding jackets is by Eric Sommers of Miller Electric: Not all welding projects are alike, and choosing the correct welding jacket for your specific application requires taking a number of other factors into account. One may be tempted to purchase solely