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Is Welding a Good Career for You?

The customers at Baker’s Gas and Welding range from professional welding shops to weekend welders who take on household and personal welding projects in their spare time. Among those customers, it isn’t uncommon to hear about young welders or students evaluating their job prospects who

Where to Find a Welding Career in the Military

Experienced and inexperienced welders may find some of their best career opportunities by signing on with the military. While welders who join the army may run the risk of being in combat, there are many other options for welders who want to minimize their time

Can a Welder Make Six Figures a Year?

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that one welder in Texas named Justin Friend, who recently graduated with a two-year degree from a technical school, has been making $140,000 a year while welding in the energy industry. That six-figure number may seem unlikely and

How to Land a TIG Welding Job

If you’re looking for a TIG welding job, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to track down a great position with excellent pay, but first you need to make sure you have the necessary skills to land the position. Once you get the required

Welding Jobs in the United States Military

The United States armed forces have an ongoing need for welders to build structures, to repair equipment, and to perform routine maintenance that include anything from cutting, to welding, to brazing. Every branch of the armed forces has vehicles and structures that require welding, and

Finding a Unique Welding Career or Welding Job

Sometimes the perfect welding job or welding career isn’t a matter of where you look but what you look for. There’s a chance that you could be looking for the kind of welding job that isn’t available or you’ve simply overlooked a welding opportunity that

How Much Money Do Welders Make Annually?

Welding is believed to be one of the most profitable blue collar careers around, and some rumors from welders working in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania have hinted that some welders are making over $100,000 annually. While that may be the case for a few

Welding Jobs for August 2014

The United Auto Workers union connected to Ford will be offering welding training to veterans in need of work in the Detroit area. The latest welding course offered by the Union will have eight participants. The program has been extended to welders nationwide and will

Where to Find the Best Welding Jobs This Week

If you’re on the hunt for a welding job that will pay welders a great salary and will provide work that is interesting and challenging, we’ve searched through the job listings this week, and we’ve narrowed down a few particular regions that you’ll want to

How to Find Welding Jobs This Week

If you’re a welder with years of experience or if you’re a “noob” who just graduated from trade school, the good news is that you can easily find great welding jobs that pay excellent starting salaries. However, there is one catch if you want the