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Top 10 Welding Video Tutorials

Hey all you student welders and aspiring home project welders out there, did you know that you can learn (or at least bone up) on just about any kind of welding process, technique or project you can imagine – all in one place? That’s absolutely

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Can You Save Money on Shielding Gas for MIG Welding?

A few weeks ago I was watching a welding video where the guy actually talked about hooking up his welder to a tank of oxygen to use as a shielding gas. The comments, as you may expect, exploded. He thankfully didn't, as he'd only mispoken.

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TIG vs. MIG Welding in “Jay Leno’s Garage” [VIDEO]

The man has over 100 cars, about 90 motorcycles and enough “Benjamins” in his pockets to continue buying more. Treasures aside, what Jay Leno doesn’t have is extensive welding knowledge. In a bid to learn more about MIG and TIG welding, Jay hooked up with

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How to Get a Good Welding Ground [VIDEO]

In the video below, welding artist Kevin Caron – we first introduced him in the blog post MIG Welding Tip for Beginners: Push or Lead the Puddle? – gives us some tips on how to get a good welding ground. The self-taught welding artist has

9 Welding Project Videos to get you Inspired

Whether welding is your passion, your occupation, or both – sometimes a little inspiration is needed when you get in a rut. Check out these welding project videos for pictures, how-tos, and live action shots of welding projects. Some are done in home shops, others

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Welding Video: Welding [Exhaust] Tubing

Introduction Most of the welding project videos here at show techniques for welding two flat pieces together, side by side. While it’s certainly possible that this type of “straight” welding may be the most commonly done, flat pieces of metal aren’t the only shapes

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MIG Welding Tip for Beginners: Push or Lead the Puddle?

Today’s post features a video by Kevin Caron, a self-taught, successful art welder in Arizona. He regularly posts videos to YouTube, and this video was done in response to a question he’d received on a previous video about whether to “push the puddle” or “lead

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Video Tutorial on How to Cut with Alternate Fuels

Smith Equipment has provided a two-part series on how to cut with acetylene and alternative fuels with detailed safety and set up instructions. These videos are the perfect place to begin if you’re new to oxy-cutting or if you need a refresher on torch and