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Fitness Equipment Welding Projects

There are a lot of popular workout routines trending right now from pickleball to cross fit, but no matter how you stay fit, you need the right equipment. While there are a few ways to make your own fitness equipment, most equipment calls for welding

10 Welding Projects that Use Horseshoes

Over the years, many of our welding project posts have included horseshoes in the materials list. When it comes to scrap or yard sale materials you can use in your shop, horseshoes top the list in versatility and ease of use. This makes horseshoes the

Outdoor Summer Welding Projects

It’s summer time, and that means it’s a great time to work on some welding projects that you can use outside in your yard and with your family. In addition, these are the kinds of welding projects that you can work on outside if you

Welding Project: Weld Your Own Fireplace Doors

Besides manufacturing industry leading welding helmets and some of the best selling stick welders, Lincoln Electric also provides a wide variety of welding projects for both beginning welders and experienced welders. Today’s post is an adaptation of a welding project for advanced welders from the

Beginner Welding Project: Weld Your Own Desk

Welding a desk is one of the easier welding projects that can also produce a very functional piece of furniture for your home. If you can find some wood that you can refinish as the desk top, this could also be one of the less

Welding Project: Weld a Storage Container to Your Trailer

During the summer you’ll have plenty of outdoor gear to haul around if you take a boat or other recreational vehicle out for an afternoon. If you have a welder and a large storage container, you can easily attach this container to your boat trailer