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Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

While Jimmy Byrd has been working as a welder since the age of 18, his daughter Kristin took a very different path before entering the family welding business.  Image Source Kristin explored careers in nursing and modeling before working as a driver for a logging

Get Free Welding Helmet Add-Ons and Discounts on Top Helmets

Besides the regularly slashed prices on welding helmets and the add-on discounts through the Build with Blue promotion at Baker’s Gas and Welding, there are a number of free add-ons and newly released welding helmets now available. Here’s a roundup of the latest special offers

Comparing 3 Top Welding Helmets

There are tons of great rebates on Baker’s Gas and Welding right now for welding helmets. You may have heard about the Jackson Balder rebate already that offers $100, but there’s also a rebate for $40-$60 on Speedglas welding helmets. Each welding helmet has its

Which Welding Helmet Offers the Best Value?

Two of the best-selling welding helmets at Baker’s Gas and Welding are the Miller Digital Elite and Lincoln’s Viking Helmet. While both will deliver all of the specifications that you could ever need for a top of the line auto-darkening welding helmet, let’s talk about

Lincoln Viking

Lincoln Viking Welding Helmet Reviews and Sale

When many welders think of Lincoln, they often picture Lincoln’s reliable, iconic stick welders that made Lincoln one of the top names in the welding industry. However, there are many other high quality products made by Lincoln that are must-haves for a home welding shop