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Weekly Welding Roundup-Welding News

Bandy Killeen took welding classes on the side at West Virginia Northern Community College while working at a marketing company in town. The single mother was one of the only women at the school, and she welded alongside men who were ten or twenty years

Weekly Welding Roundup–Welding News

Former Marine Brandon Hyde returned from home to Wisconsin and struggled to find steady work. He turned to drugs and alcohol as a form of escape, and he was soon arrested after getting into a serious fight with his brother. However, a Veteran Treatment Court

Weekly Welding Roundup—Welding News

Amanda Propper moved to North Dakota in search of a high paying job in the oil fields. While she had welded in her early 20’s, she didn’t think she could handle that kind of work. She changed her mind when her brother offered her a

Weekly Roundup–News in the Welding World

This week we have top of the line welders on sale, an exploding job market for welders, and a new innovation in welding that could make a huge difference in the automobile industry. Image Source: USA TODAY Special Welding News UK Welding Shop Earns Movie

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Welding Events in November

As you prepare for another year of turkey, stuffing and all-day sports, don’t miss out on these opportunities to expand your welding knowledge. FABTECH is back along with a few more welding events for November – all designed to inform and entertain. Enjoy! I didn’t

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Welding Events in November

Turkey day is fast approaching for us in the U.S., but it’s not the only event worth getting excited about. Beginning with the ultimate event for the welding industry, Fabtech, November is full of expos, seminars, shows, and more for welders of all skill levels.

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Welding Events in October

There’s more to look forward to in October than Halloween! This month is full of events that will stimulate your mind, encourage creativity, and some even satisfy your wanderlust. From Somerville, Massachusetts to Stockholm, Sweden (and even online), check out the truckload of welding events

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Welding Events in September

Wow! I feel like we just celebrated New Years and now 2010 is almost over. Insane! Fast-moving year aside, what events are popping up in the welding world this month? Picture Credit: Geri-Jean Blanchard 13th Annual AWS/AA Conference and Exhibition on Welding Aluminum Sharpen your